Acetylene Cylinders in Fire

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Bonfire Test with Acetylene Cylinders

What is happening when acetylene cylinders are in fire?

What about "empty" acetylene cylinders in fire?

Acetylene cylinders are considered by many as "empty" when they have no gas pressure. These gas cylinders, often old cylinders ready for scrapping, contain high quantities of solvent in the porous mass. 

The testing with "empty" acetylene cylinders took place on the BAM areal close to Berlin in February and March 2009.

Quote from the BAM testing report II-219/2009:

"The consequences of such an explosion are comparable with the ones of a fully charged acetylene cylinder,.."

UTM solutions

UTM developed and offers salvage containers that can take up acetylene cylinders to reduce the risks and dangers. You will find product details of the UTM salvage container GASTOR in the SERVICE section of this website.

Please find below the testing report.

Video of the fire test with acetylene gas cylinders

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