Goals for Quality and Environmental Policy

Excerpt from the Quality Handbook:

Products and Quality:

We offer a high-value service and we want to provide work that is on-time, at the right price and in a proper cost/performance ratio.
Environmental protection is a central component of our concept of quality. We can only provide good quality, if we recycle in an environmentally friendly way. We work in compliance with legal regulations.


We monitor our processes in order to continuously make progress in terms of quality, service, costs, technologies and environmental protection. Improvement in environmental protection means, for us especially, a reduction in energy consumption, and in the emission of solvents, and gas emissions from the gas cylinders, and also a reduction in the waste produced by recycling our gas cylinders.
Obstacles and problems that crop up are examined and seen as a chance for improvements. We use constructive criticism to avoid mistakes.
Our processes should not only be in harmony with the regulations governing environmental protection, but should also be at the vanguard of environmentally friendly waste disposal.


Everyone is responsible for his/her own work.
It is important for us to maintain an amiable tone in our interactions with each other.
We care for our employees and help them improve their qualifications.
We comply with the legal requirements for workplace safety in order to protect our employees.

Clients and Suppliers:

Good cooperation with clients and suppliers, above-board and fair treatment are all paramount with us.
We maintain an open dialogue with our clients, so that we understand their needs and can meet them.
Our manager is tasked with supporting the realization of these principles through suitable measures.