Recycling Gas Cylinders

Recycling Gas cylinders

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Acetylene Gas cylinders

Scrapping of acetylene gas cylinders presents a particular challenge. Acetylene gas cylinders are filled with a porous mass that contains solvents and can contain asbestos. Due to these two factors, solvents and possible asbestos fibers in the mass, it is necessary to treat old acetylene gas cylinders with great care.

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What is contained in 100 acetylene gas cylinders?

100 acetylene gas cylinders = 6 big bags with porous mass and 1000 litres of solvent
100 acetylene gas cylinders contain 6 big bags of porous mass and 1000 litres of solvent

UTM Processes

In UTM's treatment process, acetylene gas cylinders are warmed before cutting in a vacuum-thermal oven process, in order to distil the solvent.

After the oven process, the mass is dry and the cylinder body can now be dismantled safely.
The dry acetylene gas cylinders are sawn apart in a special black-area.

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What You Should Know about Acetylene Gas Cylinders:

Old, used acetylene gas cylinders contain a considerable amount of solvent, even if they are no longer pressurized. This presents two challenges:
  • dismantling the cylinder body with solvent in the mass comes with a considerable risk of explosion, due to the presence of saturated acetylene;
  • disposal of a porous mass containing solvent at a landfill site without first treating it thermally does not comply with the law and endangers the environment.

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