Company History / Chronicle

Acting Responsibly Since Our Founding

Since our founding in 1996, we have constantly expanded our business in the disposal of hazardous wastes, such as gas cylinders and mercury.

With persistence and technical expertise, we turn ideas and concepts into solutions.

History – 2006 - 2010

September 2007
Transfer of partner’s shares of UTM GmbH to Séché Environnement, with headquarters in Laval, France.

Juni 2008
Successful test of the salvage container (TSB 300) with exploding acetylene gas cylinders at BAM.

September 2008
BAM and TÜV certificate for the salvage container for hazardous gas cylinders with IMDG permit.

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Further back: 2001–2005

History – 2001–2005

October 2003
Start of treatment of hazardous gas cylinders.
Completion of the SB 300 for safe treatment of gas cylinders with hazardous residual contents. Use of the SB 300 with various clients on-site in Europe.

Further back: 1996–2000

History – 1996-2000

August 1996
Founding of the company UTM Umwelttechnik Metallrecycling GmbH

Information from the State Office for Nature and the Environment, Schleswig-Holstein, concerning the start-up of acetylene recycling by UTM. (PDF)

1996: Licence transport container for mercury.

Relocation of business offices from Seelandstraße to Herrenwyk.

Mai 2001
Start of the new acetylene-treatment facility in Herrenwyk 12 in Lübeck.

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