Salvage of Gas Cylinders

Salvage and Transport

Safe Transport in "GASTOR" Salvage Container

So that nothing goes wrong!

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Salvage Container GASTOR Typ M and S


Imagine the following scenarios

  • An acetylene gas cylinder threatens to explode after a traffic accident and must be secured and salvaged.
  • Old gas cylinders are discovered and must be identified, salvaged and removed from the scene.
  • UTM provides salvage pressure recepacles or cylinder coffins (GASTOR) for the safe transportation of hazardous gas cylinders.

Salvage Container GASTOR Typ M

The UTM salvage container for gas cylinders (GASTOR) was approved by the BAM (German abbr. for Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) for a variety of different gases.

Even acetylene gas cylinders, which are the source of the explosive hazard, can be safely transported in this containment vessel.

BAM test

In early 2008, a series of various test runs were performed at the facilities of BAM and, in the course of these tests, various acetylene gas cylinders were made to explode inside the containment vessel.

Remote Controlled Salvage Container GASTOR Typ R

UTM also provides a salvage container that can be closed by remote control.
GASTOR Typ R (remote) protects the life of personnel during salvage operations.

Salvage of hazardous gas cylinders

Identification, salvage, containment, transport and safe disposal is only possible with extreme caution and with application of safety engineering technologies.

UTM GmbH stands by you in these areas of hazard prevention and we are always at your disposal. Contact us here.

Remotely Operated Salvage Robot - ROSS

If it is necessary to salvage gas cylinders from a safe distance, then the UTM salvage robots ROSS is the solution for rapid hazard removal and serves to protect human life.