Mercury Containers

Mercury Containers

UTM GmbH has transport containers for liquid mercury with a capacity of 80 liters and 150 liters
(HG, UN Nr. 2809).
These transport containers have a transport permit (ADR/RID/IMDG).
UTM offers:
  • sale of mercury transport container QC150 (150 liters)
  • sale of mercury transport container QC80 (80 liters)
  • sale of accessories and wearing parts
  • sale of steel cylinder for mercury (2 liters)
  • ongoing maintenance and TÜV testing for mercury transport containers
  • sale and purchase of mercury
  • Steel container SC900 in combination with QCxx transport container as composite packaging for long-term storage. 

Product Data Sheets - Mercury Transport Container QC

Product Data Sheet - Mercury Storage Container SC900

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